Monthly Archives: September 2011

Folly Friends Book group


I want to share with you the format of our book group. Our group is small with only 4 members which i think works very well, so we are not looking for new members but feel free to try this idea out for yourself.

Every book that we read is linked to a film. It can either be a book that inspired a film, a film taken from a novel or a book written from a film plot. Each member of the group has a turn in choosing the next book. A time span for reading each book is decided by the group (the record for this so far has been 3 months because of childcare making reading near impossible). When all members of the group have finished the book we meet at a members house to watch the film together over a takeaway to see how they differ (any excuse for a catch up and a curry!)

Our first book was Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman.

I wont tell you about our feelings or thoughts towards the book and film as it would be better to make your own mind up. We chose this book as we are all familiar with the film, the book is short and we thought this would break us in gently.

Our second book was Alice in wonderland. Again this was chosen for its short length, but also for any excuse to watch Johnny Depp (although he is not in his most attractive role!).

Currently we are reading Beastly By Alex Flinn. This is much longer than previous books so may take us a long time to read!